Our talented artist Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal’s offers a wide range paintings categorized by the type of art artwork. Below you can find the types of artwork that interest you.

Dedicated to spirituality, emotions and the influences of the interior. He works with fabrics, interior spaces as well as the latest trends.
Modern & Monumental architectural developments that are breathtaking and gains worldwide attention. Captured by the artist in its full glory.
These figure paintings are based on fashion, passion, freedom of space and the rhythm of the blowing wind. He works from photographic images, live models and strong emotions.
Proudly African and South African. The true essence of boldly being human. Characterized by respect & dignity.
These unique works are inspired by the arresting beauty of Africa with its vast open spaces and freedom.
The beautiful flowers known as fynbos, only occurs threw out the Western Cape of South Africa including the home town of the artist, making them uniquely suited for the artist to express his sense of nostalgia.