Project Wayne Residence

Santa Barbara USA 

Welcome to Wayne’s revamped home, where art meets imagination! Wayne initially wanted natural browns but his wife added a cool twist with two shades of green in their Abstract collection. Now, the ‘Desert Series’ art collection, carefully curated to harmonize with each room’s ambiance, graces the walls, giving each room its own character and unique vibe. Despite geographical distances, with client being abroad, Junaid’s digital involvement ensured the seamless integration of each artwork into its designated space. To transform the entrance area, Junaid created 3D stepped canvases, adding a ‘wow’ factor to this otherwise modest space. Experience the captivating synergy between art and design as we journey through Wayne’s home, where every stroke and hue narrates a story.

Project Sonja & Tertius


An Ocean Villa with a beautiful view of The Atlantic Ocean and one of the 8th wonders of the world, Table Mountain, with the combination of the waves and figurative art flowing into each other with the dominance of African symbolism. It had a contemporary minimalistic open space area. Junaid worked with Sonja & Tertius for more than a year to create the art for their newly built house. They frequented the gallery for more than five years and admired the figurative art pieces. Junaid was commissioned to create artwork for each space in this beautiful home.

Project Marisa & Ian

Val de Vie Estate

Marisa, who previously received a Sénéchal-Senekal painting from a friend whose art was commissioned for their apartment, fell in love with a painting in one of the Sénéchal-Senekal brochures. Marisa had never been to the gallery, but after she saw the silver technique used she felt she needed an abstract painting for the wall above her staircase. The newly built house had an art collection from all over the world, but this space had been empty for a while. After doing a few designs, Junaid proceeded to create a six-panel art that would balance the massive space. The requested colours were orange and turquoise, to flow into the interior of the entertainment area, upstairs and entrance. A massive eight-meter wide painting carefully designed to give a huge wow factor over the whole area.

Project Spilhaus

Cape Town Residence

Our client received a Madiba painting as a welcome gift for their home. They fell in love with the art and visited our Franschhoek Gallery. Peter then requested to see Junaid’s art studio and saw him painting a Leopard portrait (not completed yet) and bought the art to display in their kitchen. The clients, obsessed with animals, frequently visited our National Parks and decided to go with an African Wildlife theme for their second home in Cape Town, South Africa, with art pieces like The Elephants Grandeur for the entrance with double volume in height. The main bedroom has The Lions art piece which is four meters in width. Each art piece was created specifically for the wall space instructed by the client. A true majestic grandeur and a “wow” art showcase wildlife in its true beauty.